Hft | Helping Lorraine enjoy the holiday of a lifetime

Travelling abroad can be a daunting experience for anyone. Through person-centred support, Lorraine’s confidence and independence has flourished. So much so, that she has been able to go on her dream holiday! 

Lorraine has been supported by staff in our Worcestershire area for 11 years. At first, she was very nervous and had to be shadowed by support staff, as she did not want to go anywhere by herself. But after finding out about Lorraine’s love of horses, staff were determined to make her dream holiday a reality – staying on a ranch in America.

Hft staff supported Lorraine to save her own money, until finally she could book a holiday to Arizona. Lorraine enjoyed her holiday so much that she recently went again – this time to Oklahoma. Both holidays involved going to the airport, a daunting experience for Lorraine. Helen, Lorraine’s support worker, organised practice visits to the airport so that when the time came, she felt happy and confident with the situation. Accompanied by Helen on both holidays, Lorraine has had some unforgettable times – staying on ranches, taking part in riding lessons and even going to see a rodeo.

Lorraine describes her trips to America as her biggest achievement. Travelling abroad for the first time was a big undertaking, but Lorraine was supported every step of the way. Through person-centred support, Lorraine’s confidence and independence has grown hugely. She is now busy planning her next holiday with her boyfriend, Brett.