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David’s story

David, who has Prader Willi Syndrome, needs support in managing his diet and nutrition. After six years of living at another service he felt staff weren’t listening to or respecting him. This is when he decided to meet with Mo from Hft’s specialist Prader Willi service to find out whether moving to a different provider would make a difference.

Mo set about developing a support plan which was centred around David’s needs and aspirations, while retaining the structures and boundaries he responded to. They planned a menu together, and Mo explained the house policy of keeping the kitchen locked at all times, which helped reduce David’s anxiety around food.

With his support plan in place, David settled into his new home and started to lose weight. Staff worked with him to achieve his goal of going out for coffee by himself, and he has recently begun attending a woodwork class. His plan is to go to the gym and swimming centre independently in the future.

Ultimately David aims to manage his condition himself, but he knows that if he struggles, staff will step back in with the same structures and boundaries to support him.

David says: “I’m much happier here. Staff listen to me and Mo is wonderful. Life was hard before – I didn’t feel respected as an individual and I wanted to be treated as my own person. I am now.”