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Anna’s story

Anna, a lady we support in Devon, loves to holiday in Cornwall. However staying away from home comes with its challenges, particularly as Anna suffers from epilepsy and sometimes needs reassurance that staff are on hand.

That’s where the personalised technology team came in. After hearing the concerns Anna’s support workers had, they put together a personalised kit that would allow her independence and security outside of her usual living environment.

The holiday kit included a staff pager, a door sensor and a bed occupancy sensor, which were programmed to alert staff if Anna opened the bedroom door, or got up for an extended period of time in the night. Anna also took her epilepsy sensor with her, which detects repetitive movement and raises an alert if she has a seizure. Knowing that they would be woken as soon as Anna needed them was a huge reassurance for the support staff.

The holiday kit was a great success, and allowed Anna to relax and enjoy her Cornish break, without having to worry about being away from the technology and support she’s used to at home.