2023-10-24 11:54:54

Silence is deafening as adult social care remains on its knees

Adult social care is on its knees, with increased running costs and Local Authority budgets failing to keep pace, but the silence remains deafening despite every report, commission and inquiry published.

Responding to the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC’s) annual State of Care report, Kirsty Matthews, CEO of learning disability charity Hft says:

“Today’s report highlights what we already know – adult social care is in a precarious position. And that, all too often, this can lead to unfair care, where too many people are forced to endure longer waits and reduced access to the support they need.

“Indeed, our 2022 Sector Pulse Check report, published in partnership with Care England, reveals how the adult social care sector’s ability to respond to need is being questioned, as 42% of adult social care providers had to close down part of their organisation or handback contracts to Local Authorities last year due to cost pressures.

“As highlighted so well by Social Care Future, when working at its best, adult social care can support people to find, grow and weave together the people, places and resources to live where they choose, in the way that they want. It is clear that the economic, physical and mental health benefits of this for society would be immeasurable.

“But it is distressing that, at present, a brighter future for our sector, for those who are supported by it, and for those who work in it, seems impossible.

“With such little movement on this issue for so long, it is high time that the Government recognises the scale of the challenges our sector faces, at the very minimum. The upcoming Autumn Statement provides just one opportunity for the financial pressure on adult social care to be alleviated, but we will continue to call for a long-term financial settlement for our sector.”

Notes to editors

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About Hft

Proudly established in 1962 by a group of visionary parents, Hft is a charity supporting more than 2,500 learning disabled adults in England and Wales. Together, we are creating a future where learning disabled people and their families can live the best life possible.

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In 2033, we’ll live in a world where learning disabled people have greater choice. About where they live. The support they need and want. And how to spend their time and money.


Learning disability versus difficulty


A learning disability is different from a learning difficulty but the terms are often confused and used inter-changeably. A learning difficulty does not affect general intellect, whereas a learning disability is a life-long condition characterised by a reduced intellectual ability and struggle with everyday activities.

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