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Dysgraphia is a condition that affects the ability to recognise and decipher written words, and the relationship between letter forms and the sounds they make. As a result, writing, spelling and forming words is challenging for anyone with Dysgraphia.

People with Dysgraphia will likely struggle to write neatly, and their letters, numbers, words and punctuation will often appear jumbled. Dysgraphia itself does not affect intelligence, but can often present in people with learning disabilities.

Children with Dysgraphia will likely need additional support at school to avoid falling behind. One to one support on a daily basis has proven effective in helping children to overcome the condition’s associated difficulties.

Signs of dysgraphia

  • unclear, irregular, or inconsistent handwriting
  • writing very slowly
  • mixing styles and upper/lower case letters
  • inconsistent letter and word spacing
  • unusual or cramped grip or position while writing
  • incorrect spelling


Few resources exist for people with Dysgraphia and their families.

  • DysgraphiaHelp.co.uk include a useful page of “recommended resources” that links to various handwriting implements and aids that may be of use.