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Hft has created the Virtual Smarthouse to raise awareness of the benefits and range of assistive technology available to support people to live more independently and safely, and to live the best life possible.

We are not affiliated to any particular brands, products or suppliers, and we do not sell any technology directly. Links to third parties featured in the Virtual Smarthouse are to suppliers we have previously used and are included for convenience.

Hft’s Personalised Technology team provides a range of services which can support you with assistive technology, including training, assessments, advice, consultancy and installations focusing on people’s abilities, not their disabilities. We are not affiliated to any particular products or brands so can make objective recommendations based on individual needs and our own experiences in trying and testing assistive technologies.

Find out more about the services we offer and how assistive technology can help support people to increase their independence, safety, privacy, choice and control.

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Hft, Whitefriars, Lewins Mead, Bristol BS1 2NT