Bed and Chair Occupancy Sensors

These are bed or chair-based sensors that can alert someone if you don’t return to your bed after a set amount of time or as soon as you get out of a chair. The settings can be configured to suit your needs.

Most people take the ability to move around for granted, whether during the day, or in the middle of the night. But for people who are at risk of falls or have limited mobility, moving around comes with risks, particularly if there is no-one immediately at hand to help in an emergency.

Bed or chair sensors can be introduced either to immediately alert a third party if a person has gotten out of their bed or chair, or programmed with a time delay to alert only if the person has not returned within a preset time (such as the time it would take to get a drink or go to the bathroom).

These sensors help maintain privacy while keeping people safe, providing the peace of mind for the person and their carers that someone will be alerted in the event of a problem.