Enuresis Sensor

These are bed-based sensors and will alert you or someone else if the bed is wet.

Untreated night time incontinence can lead to discomfort, sores and infections which negatively impact a person’s health.  But checking for wet bedsheets during the night is undignified for the person involved, means lots of broken sleep, and requires a significant amount of a carer’s time.

Enuresis sensors can be introduced to monitor incontinence. They are placed under the bedsheet and set to automatically alert a third party if moisture is detected so that interruption only occurs when needed, helping to maximise privacy and eliminate the need for disruptive checks throughout the night.

Different types of enuresis sensor can link into pagers or lifeline phones.

It is recommended that at least two cotton-based machine-washable systems are purchased so that an alternative can be used if one needs washing.