Fingerprint lock/fob access

Unlock the door without the need to use a key, using just your finger or a fob.

For some people, using a key to open the door can be challenging – either through a lack of dexterity, or through a tendency to misplace keys. Fingerprint locks represent a potential solution as they fit onto normal doors but can be opened using a person’s fingerprint without the need for a key.

Fingerprints are programmed in (as many as you like so that you don’t have to remember which finger you need to use), so that only trusted people can open the door. Fingerprint locks can help to increase or maintain a person’s independence and offer them privacy, by helping to ensure that they can come and go as they choose.

Alternative solutions for people who lack dexterity are pre-programmed fobs that unlock the door when held up to a reader. Networked fob access systems allow fobs to be managed remotely so that they can be deactivated if they are lost or stolen.

It is recommended that any door access solution is installed with a manual key override, in case of an emergency.


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