Panic button/bogus caller alert

Allows you to call for help at the push of a button e.g. if you are feeling unwell or worried about who is at the door.

Panic buttons come in various forms and are linked to a Lifeline phone, which can be connected to a call centre or person of your choice, they can also be linked to a pager. They can be wearable (either around the neck or in watch form) or wall-mounted so that you can call for support  from anywhere in your home.

Vulnerable adults may sometimes worry about answering the door in case it’s an unwelcome visitor such as a bogus caller or scammer. The bogus caller button is discrete and is programmed to make a silent call through the Lifeline as a precautionary measure if there is an unwanted visitor at the door.

Installing panic or bogus caller alert buttons can offer reassurance for individuals, their support workers and family members, and help people to remain living independently for longer.