Video Door Entry

See and speak to who’s at the door before you choose to open it.

For people living independently, opening the front door without knowing who’s on the other side can come with risks. But being able to see and speak to whoever is at the door without opening it can offer safety and security for people who are vulnerable or living alone. Video-door entry systems allow individuals to see and speak with visitors to make sure they are happy to let the person in without first unlocking and opening it, offering reassurance and confidence, and potentially representing the difference between someone living independently, or requiring the constant presence of a support worker or carer.

Video-door entry systems are also available with mobile handsets, which can give people with physical disabilities or problems with movement the ability to let the person at the door know that they are on their way, increasing security and reducing the frustration that can come with missing a caller. Some systems give the person the ability to unlock or open the door remotely by the push of a button, while some models can also be linked into home hub systems, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, allowing for voice control. There are also smart home solutions such as the Ring door bell.


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