Hft | Your experience of loneliness and isolation

Your experience of loneliness and isolation

We would like to hear from people who have a learning disability, about their experiences of loneliness and isolation.

You might feel lonely or isolated if you have no-one to talk to or feel left out.

Hearing your stories will help us find out what makes people with a learning disability feel lonely and isolated. It will also help us to find out what can make people feel less lonely.

Your stories will help us make a campaign to try to stop loneliness and isolation among people with a learning disability.

If you are 18 or over and want to share your views and experiences of loneliness and isolation please fill in the form below.

Why we want to hear from you and how to complete the form

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If you need help completing this form, or sharing your story, please call Victoria Hemmingway on 07385 419149, or email her at victoria.hemmingway@hft.org.uk

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Our privacy notice has more details about how we look after your information: Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this, please email dataprotection@hft.org.uk

If it has been difficult for you to share your story, you can find support at Samaritans or via the Mencap helpline

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