Prompts and reminders

Set yourself a reminder, for example to take your medication or to take your keys when you leave the house.

For people who have difficulties with their memory, remembering to take medication at the right time, or carry out specific tasks might not be easily possible.

Thankfully, many different types of prompting device exist as well as a variety of different apps that can be used on a smart phone or tablet device. They can be used to remind people to do specific tasks throughout the day, such as taking medication or remembering to take their keys when they go out. Some devices hold a single prompt, such as a reminder to get ready to catch a bus, while others can hold multiple messages to be used throughout the day. Prompting devices can even be set up to activate weekly or monthly reminders.

Some prompts can link to a door sensor or PIR movement sensor so that they activate when the sensor is triggered. For example, when the front door is opened, a voice prompt can remind the person to take their keys and lock the door. You can also programme a Lifeline phone to provide reminders.

Prompting devices can offer reassurance and enhance people’s independence and safety.

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