Telecare Safety Sensor

Can alert someone via the Lifeline phone or a pager when there is a risk, such as smoke, carbon monoxide, heat or gas, or when a door is opened.

For someone with limited mobility or memory issues, the ability to take action in an emergency might be limited, representing a barrier to independence.

One solution is to place telecare sensors around the home designed to alert a third party (via the Lifeline phone or a pager) when there is danger of smoke, carbon monoxide, heat or gas, offering reassurance to the person, their family members and carers. There are a wide range of sensors available, including those that alert when a door is opened, when someone has got out of bed or a chair, or pressed their panic button.

Telecare sensors can help make the difference in individuals being able to maintain their independence and remain in their own home without reliance on having someone else present, as well as allowing them to call for support if needed.


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