If there is a danger of the bath or sink overflowing, this plug will let some water out. It also changes colour if the water is too hot.

For people with a learning disability, or who have difficulties with their memory, the act of running a bath alone or simply doing the washing up comes with the risk of a flood if the taps aren’t turned off in time. This can result in a situation where the person ends up waiting for and relying on a third party to run their baths, impacting negatively on independence.

Magiplugs use pressure release mechanisms to ensure that excess water is allowed to escape down the plughole of the bath or sink before overflowing occurs. They can also change colour if the water is too hot, providing a visual indication of whether a bath is safe to get into.

Magiplugs are a low cost solution that works well in most cases, although if the taps are running fast, they may not be able to let water out quickly enough to prevent a flood. However, the knowledge that the flood risk is vastly reduced can mean the difference between someone relying on others to run their baths, or going ahead and running their own whenever they feel like it.

There are different sized Magiplugs available for sinks and baths, depending on the needs of the individual.

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