This device is connected to the taps and overflow pipe and automatically shuts off the taps when it detects water in the overflow.

For people with a learning disability, or who have difficulties with their memory, the act of running a bath alone comes with the risk of a flood if the taps aren’t turned off in time. This can result in a situation where the person ends up waiting for and relying on a third party to run their bath, impacting negatively on independence.

Nova-Flo systems connect to the taps and overflow pipe and automatically turn off the taps when water is detected in the overflow. This can allow a person to maintain their independence by giving them the confidence that running a bath doesn’t also mean risking a flood, meaning they can go ahead and run baths whenever they like, without needing assistance.

Nova-Flo operates using magnets meaning no batteries or electrical work is required. Installation normally requires a plumber and works on sinks and baths with overflow pipes.


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