Smart Switch

Smart lighting enables someone to control the lights in their home using an app on their smart device eg a smart phone, tablet device or smart speaker.

Smart light switches can be used to replace standard light switches within the home – no special cabling is required. You can still operate it as a manual light switch but can also operate the main lights using an app on your smart device.

There are also smart bulbs which do not require any additional wiring or changing of switches. These bulbs fit like a normal light bulb and connect directly to your Wi-Fi network, and can be operated via an app on your smart device.

Using dimmable switches and light bulbs offers a relaxing environment, with some bulbs offering different colours and hues.

Note: One potential issue with smart bulbs, is that if someone still uses the usual switch rather than the app, then the light can be switched off and incapable of being operated via the app, until the switch is flicked back to β€˜on’.


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