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These sensors are placed on the floor and will alert if they detect water on the floor to warn of a potential flood

This device is connected to the taps and overflow pipe and automatically shuts off the taps when it detects water in the overflow, helping to reduce the risk of flooding.

If there is a danger of the bath or sink overflowing, this plug will let some water out. It also changes colour if the water is too hot.

A specialist toilet seat or unit which supports people to use the toilet independently, giving assistance with cleaning after toileting.

Devices which can support someone to know how long to brush their teeth for. These can also be used for other activities.

These remind you to take the correct medication at the right time and can alert you or someone else if you forget. These can be linked to a Lifeline phone or a pager.

Mainstream, voice-activated devices that link to the internet and can allow you to remotely control a wide variety of tasks and items – including home appliances, such as lighting, heating and music, services such as online shopping, browsing the web and making calls to friends and family.

This works like a standard microwave but tells you what buttons have been pressed – e.g. ‘door open’. It also allows you to programme favourite meals and cooking times.

The hob will turn off when the pan is removed and reduces the risk of scalding.

Can alert someone via the Lifeline phone or a pager when there is a risk, such as smoke, carbon monoxide, heat or gas, or when a door is opened.