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The Hft Virtual Smarthouse showcases some of the assistive technologies that people may use around their home to improve their independence and quality of life, and increase their safety.

During the Covid-19 crisis and where staffing levels are limited, technology can play a key role in helping to maintain people’s independence and safety, as well as helping people to stay in touch with family and friends.

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If there is a danger of the bath or sink overflowing, this plug will let some water out. It also changes colour if the water is too hot.

These remind you to take the correct medication at the right time and can alert you or someone else if you forget. These can be linked to a Lifeline phone or a pager.

This device is connected to the taps and overflow pipe and automatically shuts off the taps when it detects water in the overflow, helping to reduce the risk of flooding.

A device which fills your cup with enough hot water for one cup of tea or coffee at the press of a button, eliminating the need to lift a kettle full of boiling hot water.

This is a pager which links to any telecare health or safety sensor (such as a flood sensor or a panic button). It is used to a alert a carer that someone may need support or there is an issue.

Allows you to call for help at the push of a button e.g. if you are feeling unwell or worried about who is at the door.

Finding your way around in poor lighting can be tricky and pose a safety risk, particularly for those with mobility issues.

Set yourself a reminder, for example to take your medication or to take your keys when you leave the house.

There is a wide variety of lighting and equipment that can help to support people’s sensory needs and make experiences more enjoyable, for example bathing. Shower-proof music devices, bluetooth speakers, swings and tactile objects can help support people’s sensory needs.

There is a wide variety of  equipment that can help to support people’s sensory needs and make experiences more enjoyable, for example swings and tactile objects.