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Campaigns and Policy

Hft is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for the people we support, and the best working experiences for our staff. The issues that matter to them matter to us.

This means that we often engage in campaigns and advocacy. Everything that we do aims to promote innovation and the sustainability of the social care sector, as well as improving the rights of and opportunities for people with a learning disability, regardless of whether or not they are supported by Hft. We use the same evidence-based, positive approach that is the hallmark of our Fusion Model of Support to promote creative and innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges being faced by the social care sector.

  • Lockdown on Loneliness

    Highlighting the chronic and enduring loneliness many people with a learning disability face, as well as structural barriers to friendship and connection
  • Social Care: Sector Pulse Check

    Hft produces an annual Sector Pulse Check, providing a yearly snapshot of the financial health of the social care sector.
  • Walk in our shoes

    The people we support and Hft are calling on politicians to spend time with people with a learning disability, hear what life is like for them, and walk in our shoes.