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Personalised technology
Personalised technology

Personalised technology

Personalised technology ( PT for short) – sometimes called assistive technology - plays an important role in helping the people we support to live independently. Find out more about some of the simple yet effective technology we use.

  • Anna with support paper

    Anna's Story

    Personalised technology means that Anna can feel safe and secure on holiday without losing her independence.

  • Being Heard - Sarah

    Sarah's story

    Personalised Technology is playing an important part in helping Sarah to be heard and understood, and to make her own decisions.

  • Ian's Independence

    Ian's story

    Thanks to Personalised Technology installed in his home, Ian's confidence and independence has grown.

  • Emma & Paul's story

    Emma & Paul's story

    With the help of Personalised Technology Emma and Paul are able to live with the independence they want

  • Living independently - Adrian, Phil & Sue

    Adrian, Phil & Sue's story

    For Adrian, Phil and Sue, being able to choose who you live with and where you live was fundamental to their happiness.

Personalised Technology

Find out about how we support people through using technology.