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Carer’s Allowance

Am I entitled to Carer’s Allowance?

If you care for someone for at least 35 hours a week and they get certain benefits (for example Personal Independence Payment or Disability Living Allowance) you could be entitled to Carer’s Allowance.

  • You do not have to be related to or live with the person that you care for to qualify for Carer’s Allowance
  • 35 hours’ of care does not only involve physical care (such as washing and dressing) but also practical support and prompting (such as booking GP appointments and reminding the person to attend them).

While Carer’s Allowance is not means tested, there is an upper limit on how much you can earn while still being entitled to Carer’s Allowance. The 2017/18 upper limit for earnings is £116 per week after deductions.

Claiming Carer’s Allowance can affect the benefits of the person who you care for, so it is important to find out more information before making a claim:

More information about Carer’s Allowance: